TENANT SPOTLIGHT: Baily’s Hyperformance

Baily's Hyperformance Baily's Hyperformance Baily's Hyperformance

Let’s face it, many people have bad experiences with performance shops and shady mechanics. They over promise and under-deliver, completely draining you of your hard-earned money through un-needed parts and repairs. Sadly, these instances are becoming more and more common.

At Baily’s Hyperformance, they provide services and parts that are customized to your needs and budget.  They will not sell you unneeded components for your goals. In fact, in many cases they talk customers out of buying components that may be all the rage on the internet, but, show no real gains.

Their number one priority is to provide you with a dependable vehicle that meets your goals without all the headaches; during or after the build process.

Baily’s Hyperformance is housed in a 10,000 sq ft. facility with multiple service stations. This includes lifts, a state of the art AWD Dynojet Dyno, high powered computers / diagnostic machines, and a dedicated space for Baily’s Race Engines. They have everything we need to get the job done IN HOUSE.

So, come check out Baily’s Hyperperformace


(817) 232-4242


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